Injection molding

Our injection molding machines

have a clamping force of 30-1080 tn.

We manufacture thermoplastic and

thermoset products with a

weight of 1-5000 g.


We offer our customers a wide

variety of different types of

assembly work, for example fully

automated assembly or complex

manual assemblies.


We offer our customers tampo

imprinting and screen imprinting.

The imprinting of plastic components

can be offered as further processing or

as its own process completely.

We offer our customers product design, mold manufacturing, injection molding and compression molding of plastic components, assembly and product finishing.

Österberg Ltd. is often involved in the customers development projects in the concept phase. By taking responsibility from the beginning, we can effectively ensure a high quality throughout the manufacturing process.

Our strategy is to constantly stay updated with the development in the industry, to develop our own working- and manufacturing processes as well as our expertise.

Our management system has been audited and certified according to the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards, which is a testament to our pursuit of high quality and environmental awareness. According to our way of thinking, quality means not only quality in the production, but also quality throughout the entire process, from sales to shipping of the finished products.